Xoreax IncrediBuild 4.6

Xoreax Software Ltd. (Shareware)

Xoreax IncrediBuild is a commercial application developed using Xoreax’ own Grid Engine technology which is also what Microsoft Window’s own grid computing technology was based on. It accelerates development tasks, and both code and data builds on existing PCs for up to thirty times faster. It offers embedded acceleration, shortens development time, and speeds up product delivery which translate to quicker turnarounds for earnings. The software is compatible for use with Visual Studio/C++ and build platforms like Jam, Jam+, BJam, Make, Python, nAnt, MSBuild, VsiMake, SH, Jom,  etc. Popular acceleration builds using IncrediBuild were done for ccppc, Wii U, Sony Playstation, NVidia, Microdoft, GCC, Intel, Nintendo 3DS, and CUDA (nvcc).

The foundation of Incredibuild’s technology is the ability to generate its own virtual environment. No matter which node is being utilized to execute a particular task, the software makes sure computational tasks always end up with reliable results. This is made possible by not requiring the creation and management of system images generated by various system task types.

The use of this development tool is applied to accelerate code and data builds, as well as development tasks in different environments. Some examples for accelerating are:

• Development scripts (for code analysis, packaging, preprocessing, etc.)
• Builds for Microsoft Visual Studio
• QA Scripts (Automated)
• Make-based data and code builds