XNote Stopwatch 1.66

dnSoft Research Group (Bundled)

XNote Stopwatch is a clock that also serves as a countdown timer and stopwatch for the desktop. The watch’s size can customized according to the user’s needs. It can be displayed as a small watch or it can also be displayed full screen. The stopwatch can also be controlled by hotkeys defined by the user. This is useful when the program is used as a stopwatch. Users can also get snapshots of the time during a countdown and save the snapshots for reference later on.

The program has countdown options that allow users to choose the behavior for the application when the countdown finishes. Behaviors include playing a specified audio file, launching a program or a video, a flash, or a beep. Other behaviors include restarting the timer or closing the application.

Other features of the XNote Stopwatch are the following:

• users have complete control over the display for the watch
• list of capture results can be recorded directly to an Excel file
• simple and easy to use interface even for novice computer users
• users are capable of running several stopwatches all at the same time with different displays
• colors, transparency, and font for the clock can be changed