XMPlayer 1.0

xFX JumpStart (Freeware)

XMPlayer is a multimedia application that enables users to play video and audio files. The development of this program is actually based on MPlayer, which is a type of open- source media player. This application is designed to enable playing of video files and audio files. The files may come from the computer’s hard drive, disc drive (CDs or DVDs), or flash drive (USB). Compatible data from other devices such as portable media players and gaming consoles may also be played with this multimedia tool. The supported file types include MP3, AVI, and WMV. In addition, this application can also play high-definition MKV files.

XMPlayer supports different file systems. These include EXT2FS, FAT, ISO9660, NTFS, and XTAF. Other than that, this application allows users to play video and audio files through a local network connection. There is no need to transcode media to play when using this tool. Some features of this application are updated and fixed, while others are new. Additional features include the support for RMVB files and DVD files. The application can also display hard drive icons. In addition, it has a subtitle shader with color and outline color options. It also features a “Restart” button to relaunch the program in NXE in Global Setting.