XMPlay 3.8

Un4seen Developments (Freeware)

XMPlay is an application that is able to play audio files in various unconventional, “tracker file” formats, including MOD, MTM, MO3, S3M, and the XM. It can also play ZIP archives and playlists in WAX, M3U, ASX, CUE, and PLS format. Less ordinary formats can also be played through downloadable plugins. Aside from the common audio player functions (playback, playlist creation, move to next track, search track, etc.), it can also get reception from different Internet radio channels. All supported file types can be easily streamed.

Users can also change the appearance of the audio player through skins, and visualize the music by activating real-time animations. Gapless playback and crossfading can also be selected for seamless music listening. The application displays the track information and allows users to format the titles of the tracks. Users can see their music database from the application’s Library. Users can also set specific settings for tracks for playback—such as lessen the bass when playing an album of classical music. The presets can be saved for quick and easy application when preferred.

XMPlay has a large number of skins and plugins for downloading. It also offers a free skinning kit to enable users to create their own skins. Among the available plugins are FLAC input, MIDI input, and Opus input, which allows users to play encoded files and streams in Opus format.