XML Explorer

CodePlex (Shareware)

XML Explorer is a multi-functional Windows utility that is designed to perform as XML data analyzer and XML and schema editor. To simplify, it is intended to help users in opening and viewing XML file content without difficulty. Aside from viewing and exploring, users of XML Explorer can evaluate XPath expressions and check if there are errors.

The portable version of XML Explorer has a clean layout. It has a drag-and-drop function, allowing for ease of use when the user has to upload files. XML Explorer can display multiple views. Users can copy any XML text and paste it to XML Explorer view. A full screen view is available to users who prefer to work as such.

Any available XML source can be validated and manipulated by using this program. This is a lightweight utility that can accomplish a comparison and validation of two columns of textual content. Calculation functionalities and XML data chart analysis (table form) are provided as well.

With this utility, users can convert ODBC data, Access, or MS Excel to XML. XML Explorer can be copied to a portable device such as a USB flash drive. In this way, it can be taken anywhere and there is no need to undergo installation procedures when it is used on the go.