XML Copy Editor

XML Copy Editor Team (Shareware)

XML Copy Editor is a program designed for the use of individuals who need to edit XML files. Checking for errors is the main function of this utility. The user is also presented with a number of different functionalities such as inserting symbols from a list and checking whether the document is well formed. This utility is also capable of validating documents based in DOCBOOK, XHTML, DTD/XML Schema, XSLT and RELAXNG.

XML Copy Editor has the following main features:
• Simple, easy to use user interface
• Shortcut buttons for fast and easy access
• Panel for the opening of files
• Integrated search tool that allows the user to input keywords either as regular expression or match case
• Editing tools such as word counter, spelling checker, and style reviewer

XML Copy Editor supports the following format: DOC, HTML, XML, DTD, XSL, and RNG. A number of encoding methods such as ISO, UTF, and US are available to the user as well. XML Copy Editor also allows the user to customize the interface to make it more convenient and more suited to personal preferences. The changeable parameters are text size and color schemes. This tool takes up very little memory and is tested so as not to cause any crashes or bugs.