Colin Harrison (Shareware)

Xming is an X server program developed by Colin Harrison. It is an application in the X Window System (a.k.a X11, or simply X) that runs on a local machine and manages all access to input devices, graphic cards, and display screens. The X Window System is a multiplatform client-server system used as a basis for graphic user interfaces. The program can extend the capabilities of the Network Transparency offered by the X Window System. It can also be used to access Microsoft computers as a terminal for Unix/Linux machines. Displaying remote X clients straight from a Windows desktop without having to run a remote Display Manager is possible as well.

Xming offers X11 a set of sample X applications/tools, a collection of fonts and a display server. Aside from supporting multiple languages, the program also features OpenGL, GLX 3D and Mesa 3D graphics extension abilities. Securely forwarding X11 session from other PCs is possible as well by using the program with SSH. Using this X server with a portable PuTTY replacement package, XLaunch Wizard and PuTTY Link SSH client is also possible. These two are optional extras included in the program. The Windows installers available in this program include libraries and executable code. These Windows installers may be installed or uninstalled via command line parameters.