XMind 3.3.1

XMind Ltd. (Proprietary)

XMind is a project management tool that allows users to create mind maps, diagrams, charts, spreadsheets, and more. The program consists of several tools for brainstorming solutions. Here are some of the tools included in the application:

• Mind Mapping – The mind map is an effective way of improving the productivity during brainstorming sessions. The map consists of a main root with branches connected to it.
• Matrix – The Matrix is a set of rows and columns that can be added to a mind map in order to provide more information and structure to ideas.
• Brainstorming – The brainstorming mode allows users to throw out ideas and record them. It also features a time to raise productivity and save time.
• Fishbone Chart – The Fishbone Chart is also known as the cause and effect diagram. This helps users see a visual representation and relationships between ideas.
• Gantt View – The Gantt View allows users to view the progress of tasks in a tree structure. The Gantt View can be synchronized with the mind map project.

XMind can also export projects in different file formats including PDF, PowerPoint, HTML, Word, text, as well as different image file formats. Users can also sign up for a free XMind account online where projects can be published and shared with other users.