XMedia Recode

XMedia Recode (Freeware)

XMedia Recode is a video/audio transcoding application developed by Sebastian Dörfler. This program is used for importing and exporting different file types including MP4, WMV, MP3, Matroska, 3GP and more. It is also used for converting unprotected DVD files to supported output format. It features a drag-and-drop user interface and also utilizes batch processing and job queuing. Files processed through batch processing will have the same settings. The program also has Multilanguage support.

XMedia Recode features three different output options. Users can choose to transcode to “Video and Audio”, “Audio Only” or “Video Only”. The program can also be used to copy audio and/or video tracks from the input file in order to avoid file conversion. Profiles, or presets, for different media devices are also available. It also shows basic and detailed information about the videos using MediaInfo. Aside from being a transcoding program, the application also offers basic editing tools. It can be used for cutting, cropping, color correction, denoising, deblocking and more. Cropping of files can be done manually or automatically. Other editing tools include audio and channel mapping, sharpening, volume adjustment and audio normalization, channel inversion and deinterlacing.

XMedia Recode also includes a Bitrate Calculator that can be used for measuring the required video bitrate. This is important to get the desired file size according to different Media. This feature also enables users to select the media percentage for fine controlling.