Xmarks for IE 1.3.4 (Freeware)

Xmarks for IE is an internet browser add-on software developed by Xmarks in March 2012. Xmarks for IE is a browser add-on specifically made for Internet Explorer. It allows users to save their most regularly visited websites as Favorites. These websites are then backed-up into the cloud. Xmarks for IE utilizes an online server to store saved bookmarks. When the user needs it, Xmarks for IE then synchronizes these bookmarks on the computers that the user may use. To access them, users just need to install the add-on to succeeding systems. Xmarks for IE also compiles the most bookmarked websites in the Internet on their online servers and in turn, suggests the same to users when searching the cloud.

Xmarks for IE also features selective syncing. Xmarks for IE allows users to create profiles that will contain specific sets of bookmarks and the user may just choose which profiles to access or sync. Xmarks for IE also allows users to access open tabs on another system. Xmarks for IE also allows users to sync bookmarks across different browsers. Users may create an account using the Xmarks for IE on an Internet Explorer browser but when they are on another computer with a different browser, users may still access their Xmarks for IE account and synchronize their bookmarks on this other browser.