Xmanager 4

NetSarang Computer, Inc. (Proprietary)

Xmanager 4 is a PC X server program developed and released by NetSarang in November 2012. It is a PC X server that runs on a non-Unix/Linux desktop but instead on a Windows platform. Xmanager 4 allows users to access their Unix/Linux desktops from a Windows Personal Computer. Xmanager 4 also allows users to run remote X applications on a Windows PC. This is done through a Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol that enables users to connect remotely even though the Windows PC may be behind a firewall inside a private network.

Xmanager 4 supports Windows hardware accelerated OpenGL, which enables users to run 3D applications like CAD smoothly. Xmanager 4 also allows users to organize their sessions in one folder. Then, users may launch the sessions simultaneously. Before Xmanager 4, sessions need to be started one session at a time. Using Xmanager 4, users may also set up a default session directory that may be accessible only by a select group of people. Xmanager 4 also features XRender extension support, which enhances readable fonts in X applications. Also, Xmanager 4 enables users to access remote hosts bypassing gateways or firewalls through Secure XDMCP support. This program also features a Session via email, which enables users to send Xmanager sessions using the default email client. However, Administrators may opt to distribute only one-time sessions. Xmanager 4 also has Access Control support, which is a security tool that allows users to customize the hosts that Xmanager will connect to.