Aardvark Digital (Freeware)

Xinorbis is an application that analyzes data storage devices. It supports analysis of folders, USB drives, external hard drives, and other storage peripherals attached to the computer. The program is capable of getting information, such as the files that can be found inside the storage device and the space allocation for the files. Users can view the information on a bar graph or a pie graph. There are also tree views and tables that list down all the files.

Other features of the Xinorbis application are the following:

• Reporting – The program is capable of creating reports based on the storage device analysis. The report can be in HTML, XML, Tree, Text, or CSV. These reports can be saved for reference.
• Folder History – Whenever the application does a scan of the system, it keeps a record of each file’s properties. This is useful for comparing the contents of the storage device.
• Search – The program also has a search feature and users can filter searches according to the file name or size, the creator of the file, size of the file, and other attributes.
• Web Reporting – Reports from the application can be uploaded to an FTP server, allowing users to access reports from anywhere.
• Updates – Xinorbis automatically updates itself.