Xingtone (Shareware)

Xingtone is a downloadable shareware program that allows its users to make their own ringtones from scratch or by combining clippings of sound files from various sources. There are different audio editing tools that are made available by this particular piece of software to make ringtone generation easy and efficient.

Xingtone is a ringtone maker that, apart from allowing its users to create their own ringtones, allows all generated ringtones to be sent to a mobile phone directly from the computer source. The ringtones can easily be transferred from a computer to a mobile phone without the need for any USB connectors or even Bluetooth links. All that is necessary for tones to be sent over the air is a stable connection to the Internet. This is a program that runs on various platforms and is compatible on various telecom carriers in Canada and the United States.

CD audio files, mp3s, and other types of digital audio can be used to generate one-of-a-kind ringtones. Xingtone also offers a recording tool that allows users to directly record sound files and convert these into usable phone ringtones. Just like any audio editing program, tools like fading and volume adjusters are offered by this application. Prior to saving, users can also hit the preview button and take a listen to see if any further editing is necessary.