Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager

Xilisoft (Freeware)

Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager is an application that allows users to utilize their PCs to manage their phone data. Users of Blackberry, Windows, or Symbian can perform such management tasks as data storage, data extraction, synchronization, and backup through this software. People who own several phones can also use Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager to perform the same tasks as it makes use of a local database that centralizes the data contained by the phones. In addition, users can swap all kinds of data with MS Outlook. Other key features of this program include:

• The creation of a new account to prevent important information from being accidentally deleted, copied, or stolen;
• Modification of phonebook details such as the addition of contacts, setting of contact photos, and editing of contact details;
• Showcasing of phone information like the model, name, mobile carrier, and phone capacity;
• Recording of tasks and calendar activities as well as setting timed reminders; and
• Access to the phone’s inbox, sent items, and drafts as well as the call log.

Apart from all of these features, Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager features a simple interface that is divided into two main areas – the left area contains folders that resemble the format of MS Outlook, and a much larger area at the center that contains the phone details.