Xilisoft CD Ripper

Xilisoft (Shareware)

Xilisoft CD Ripper is a CD ripping program developed by Xilisoft. The application’s main function is simply to take and convert the contents of audio CDs into audio files. CD ripping is a good example of compressing files into more manageable sizes for easier storage and transfer. An audio CD file is made up of large data files because it contains all the information that makes up high-quality music. This application compresses these audio files into more common audio data files that computers recognize. This allows the reduction of file without size without sacrificing the quality of the sound of an original CD.

Xilisoft CD Ripper’s key features include batch transferring and ripping, customizing and adding effects to files, and other useful features. This application is capable of ripping multiple tracks on queue; from CD to music files of different formats like WMA, MP3, FLAC, and so on. as the app can also transfer files to audio-playing devices. The program also allows users to adjust the perimeter of the output, add audio effects such as fade in, fade out, volume normalize, etc., clip audio segments and split audio tracks. The features of this application also include post-task action, multiple language support, background ripping, and high ripping speeds.