Xilinx Bash shell

(Open Source)

Xilinx Bash Shell is a programming utility tool that was released in 2009. The software includes a Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK). This handy software includes different tools that can be utilized for all-around programming.

Xilinx Bash Shell can be launched using Cygwin-based shell commands. To launch the software, users must go to the main interface, and then click the Project Tab and Launch Xilinx Bash Shell. Upon clicking the command button, the software will run automatically. The software uses a Xilinx Platform Studio (XPS) that provides an integrated environment for software creation and hardware specification.  The Embedded Development Kit (EDK) of the software allows users to install their own Cygwin if the right requirements are done.

Other features of Xilinx Bash Shell software include the following:
• It includes Base System Builder Wizard Tool that allows quick creation of working embedded designs in all-around programming. This is supported by the features of the software including development boards and functional embedded systems.
• Simulation Model Generation Tool allows users to generate simulation models of embedded hardware systems based on hardware designs.
• The software also includes a Create and Import Wizard that allows creation of peripheral projects and imports them to a user’s work table. This wizard can generate ready-to-use templates for custom projects.
• The software includes an online Help tool that stores information about using Cygwin and Xilinx Embedded Development Kit (EDK)