XIII Century - Death or Glory

Unicorn Games (Proprietary)

XIII Century - Death or Glory is a real-time, historically-accurate strategy game. The objective of the game is to win historical battles by leading troops, and requires knowledge and skills in battle strategy and rules of conduct in medieval battles as well. This game has a stand-alone expansion game called Blood of Europe. The two games are combined in a Gold edition release.

Players may assume the role of different leaders in history from Europe, Russia, and even Mongolia. The simulation realistically recreates the actual condition of battles as chronicled in history. There are 30 battles and 5 campaigns: Germany, France, Russia, Mongolia, and England. Among the battles players can test their skills in are the battle on Lake Peipus, battle of Falkirk, and the battle of Bouvines.

This game features a complex battle mechanism. The results of each battle are calculated for every soldier, and the mechanics of the units are designed to be truly realistic. All of the units have different grades of Artificial Intelligence that give them the ability to look and evaluate the situation at hand. The AI is called Self Control; a unit with a low Self Control would need to be managed by the player more during battle.

Players would need to consider a number of factors when preparing for battle and when taking the offensive, such as the direction of enemy attack, weather, and terrain, so that they can decide on the right tactics to use.