Xfire Inc. (Shareware)

Xfire is an instant messaging program and server browser that caters to gamers. The program detects which video game the contacts on the messenger list are running. For most games, the servers where the contacts are playing are also detected. The main feature of the program is its instant messaging capability. Players do not need to minimize their game window in order to chat with their contacts. The instant messaging windows pops up within the game while it is running. With the Xfire Pro-Voice feature, gamers could also communicate via voice chats.

One of the features of Xfire is in-game video and photo recording. Players can record sections of their gameplay or save screen captures of their characters in action. All these will be saved in a specific folder that is displayed on the screen once the player quits the game. The photos and videos can be uploaded to the player’s Xfire account where others can see their progress. Apart from saving and uploading the videos to Xfire, there is also an option to upload the video to YouTube.

Some of the games Xfire supports include the following:
• World of Warcraft
• Diablo III
• Call of Duty
• Medal of Honor Allied Assault
• The Lord of the Rings Online