FNet Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

The Xfast USB application is a USB speed booster that accelerates data transfer speeds from a USB disc drive to a computer. The application specializes in USB 3.0 devices and can speed up data transfer up to five times faster. A 4 Gb file takes around 40 seconds to be transferred. The program supports a wide list of motherboards including Intel Socket 2011, Intel Socket 1366, Intel Socket 1155, Intel Atom CPU Bundled Series, AMD Socket AM3 (DDR3 Support), and many more. It also supports USB 2 transfers.

The Xfast USB program’s compact window provides all the tools and settings needed for fast data transfer. The program automatically detects the USB component, the name of the drive, and the free space available in the disk drive. Users can also set the option for data transfer (Normal or Turbo). The Turbo option must be chosen so that the program enables the Xfast USB application’s fast acceleration. The program is useful for transferring large amounts of data, high definition films, and computer games that come in a large file size.

This USB acceleration program can be used by novice computer users. The full list of supported motherboards can be found on the developer’s website (