XFast RAM 2.0.28

ASRock (Freeware)

XFast RAM is a system utility specifically designed for managing memory resources and other memory related tasks. Its primary goal is to help users maximize RAM usage by utilizing wasted memory. Aside from this, the application also features several advanced RAM-related functions. It even has the ability to create virtual disks for storing cache and temporary files.

Here are the main uses of XFast RAM:

• Faster Application Execution – The program’s ability to create virtual disks allows the XFast RAM to execute programs faster than standard rate.
• Improved Internet Browsing – When surfing online, the applications has the ability to cut down the loading time of visited websites allowing users to get a faster web experience. The virtual disk created by the application stores the browser’s cache and temporary files.
• Longer HDD/SDD Lifespan – XFast RAM also has the ability to minimize the rate of HDD/SDD access allowing it to extend their lifespan.

The program’s interface is intuitive yet straightforward. It offers a single-windowed interface with all options and configurations available straight from the window. There are three sections – Settings, Options, and Backup/Restore. The Settings section is where users configure the drive letter and disk size. The Options section offers configuration for the Ready Boost, System Temp Files, Virtual Memory Paging File, and User Temp Files. The Backup/Restore is where users can set the program to backup during shutdown and restore after boot.