Deep Shadows (Proprietary)

Xenus  is a role playing game developed by Deep Shadows. The game is the first instalment in the Xenus series of games. Other games in the series include White Gold, and Boiling Point: Road to Hell.

Xenus introduces Kevin Myers, the game’s protagonist, who receives a phone call from the magazine company where his sister works. Myers leaves his country after the magazine company informed him that his sister has been out of reach and is missing in Colombia, where she was conducting her investigation and documentation. The player assumes the role of Myers and meets contrabandists and outlaws in the world of violence. The goal is to save his missing sister by overcoming challenges that come along the way.

The first person shooter RPG highlights animation features because of its enhanced graphics. Skeleton animation, facial feature effects, multilayered textures, and other elements breathe life to the character and the entire scene. It also supports 25k x 25km superb rendering without level selection. Flawless movements ensure better control for gamers and fast-paced gameplay. Players get to encounter different characters along the way, such as officials, bandits, guerillas, and mafia.

Xenus also has superb gaming scenes with the smoke, vehicles, stealth actions and attacks, and graphic injuries due to the gameplay. Rivals operate through artificial intelligence for a better gaming experience.