XeFlashPlay HD480p

Xe-Media Software (Freeware)

Xe-Media Software is the company behind the XeFlashPlay HD480p program. It acts as a standalone player for Flash files and is ideal for users who are interested in a basic media player. Flash is one type of formatting that is ideal for video files. There are different players that accommodate this type of file format and one of them is the XeFlashPlay HD480p player. This is a standalone program, a basic one at that, which is easy to use and serves to provide a reliable yet simple interface for flash video access.

There are different features that can be expected from the XeFlashPlay HD480p by its users including the accommodation of various flash video extensions. Flash videos come with different extensions usually depending on the video quality and file size. There is no need to find separate players for these since they can be played using XeFlash. There is no need to configure the program because it automatically detects the file type and for as long as it is associated with Flash, there will be no issues with the playback.

Playback can be in standard or HD mode. Three buttons are available on the interface namely start, stop, and pause which are rather easy to manipulate. There is a time display indicator and a full screen mode for viewing.