XDCtools Path Manager

Texas Instruments (Shareware)

XDCtools Path Manager was released by Texas Instruments as a path managing tool for the XDC Tools program. Basically, this is a process management system that allows its users to monitor the different processes that are taking place. When the computer system runs the program, the XDCtools Path Manager can be opened for the user to see which processes are actively being used. Aside from this, the user can also use this particular path manager to access the location of the process files.

The XDCtools Path Manager primarily contains the source codes that the main program, XDC Tools, uses. There are times when the program slows down, especially when multiple processes are being run at once. The manager allows users to control the running programs, thus maintaining the efficiency of the codes. The users are allowed to choose which processes to run. They can also choose which particular processes to prioritize. There is a configurations page that allows users to manipulate the path manager and set running times for the particular processes.

The path manager has a simple interface. It is quite easy to use. There are several drop-down menus that can be accessed when it is launched. Aside from offering a comprehensive set of management tools for the program user, the path manager also makes it easier for users to find and remove any potential threats to the system.