XChat 2.8.9

Peter Železný (zed) (Proprietary)

Xchat is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client developed by Peter Železný and released on June 1999. This program supports command line functionality. It is also available in a graphical user interface that features either a tree interface or a tabbed interface. This program also features multiple server support.

XChat features a main chat window inside the user interface. It also features some basic functionality including DCC chats and file transfers, CTCP, and plugins for several various programming languages. Some programming languages supported by XChat include Perl, Tcl, Ruby, C, C++, CLISP, and Python.
The Xchat user interface launches by default to show the tree view interface. However, users may configure the GUI to show a tabbed interface instead. The tabbed document user interface is particularly useful for simultaneous chatting with multiple IRC contacts. The tabbed interface is also useful because it warns the user of changes and updates on the chat thread by changing colors. These changes include new messages or when another user is addressing the Xchat user. The tab also changes color when a user leaves a chat channel or when another user is added to the channel. The Xchat interface also enables users to customize the event sounds and font styles. It also features clickable operator commands for easy usage. This program also features logging and time stamping of messages.