XAV2001 Firmware Upgrade Tool

NETGEAR Powerline (Freeware)

XAV2001 Firmware Upgrade Tool is an updater tool developed by NETGEAR Powerline. The upgrade tool can be downloaded through a mirror FTP from the developer’s website. This tool automatically updates firmware for XAVB2001, a Powerline Ultra Adapter Kit. This device is used for extending Internet access throughout the house using electrical outlets for set-top boxes, PCs and consoles. This upgrade utility is compatible with XAV2001 and XAVB2001 adapter kits. Both kits have similar functionality and designed by the same manufacturer.

Firmware upgrades fix several issues experienced by the adapter kits. Since the utility automatically updates to the latest version, users save time in finding the latest firmware version offered by the company. It detects the device and then uses the updater in looking for the latest, compatible firmware for specific kits. The user interface allows users to navigate the program easily. When launched, the utility will generate the list of firmware available; users can immediately start updating the firmware. Other buttons are also available that will ensure other functionalities as needed by users.

XAV2001 Firmware Upgrade Tool does not only update, but also detect problems such as the absence of adapters. The knowledge base system is available to help in solving any issue present in using the adapter.