Xara Xtreme Pro 5.1

Xara Group Ltd. (Proprietary)

Xara Xtreme Pro 5.1, now known as Xara Designer Pro, is a professional application used to edit images. Aside from its photo editing functions, it also comes equipped with tools for vector illustration. With this program, users can edit, draw, and publish photos and other image files. The application’s user interface is easy to understand, making it ideal for beginners. The main window shows the program’s Menu Bar, a status line, toolbars for the ruler and animation functions, a color line, scrollbars, and a window used to handle projects. Its features include galleries for colors, fonts, and lines. Users can combine different shapes, add layers, and convert lines to shapes. Shapes and lines may be imported from online sources.

This program’s other features include the following:

• Solid Object Editing – users can manipulate solid objects instead of just dragging outlines when objects are drawn, moved, resized, or rotated, making it easy for users to handle complex vector graphics.
• Infinite Undo & Redo – users do not have to worry about making editing mistakes as they can try out as many manipulations as they want and just go back to the setting they prefer.
• Text Handling – users can enter text along a curved part or at any angle. Text can be resized and effects can also be added, such as fills and transparency.