Xara Web Designer MX Premium

Xara Group Ltd (Shareware)

Xara Web Designer MX Premium is an application used for creating websites. The program comes with simple and advanced tools for web designing, which makes it a program that can be used by both beginners and advanced computer users. The program is template based, so users do not need to create a website from scratch. It comes with several templates that can be used for different types of websites (business or personal). The user interface consists of tools that will allow the user to have complete control over the appearance of all the objects on the website.

Other features of the Xara Web Designer MX Premium program are the following:

• WYSIWYG – The program is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and this allows both advanced and novice computer users to take advantage of its features. Advanced users can create sites from scratch and beginners can use templates.
• GIF and Flash Animation – The program supports GIF and Flash animation, allowing users to add different elements that will make a website more interesting.
• Widgets – This application also comes with a wide array of widgets that can be added on the website. These widgets include photo sliders, charts, and ecommerce graphics.