Xara Web Designer 6

Xara Group Ltd (Shareware)

Xara Web Designer is an application that enables users to create and design their own web pages quickly and easily. It is template-based, so users can simply select the template they prefer and add the information as needed. It is an ideal application for beginners in web design as HTML and JavaScript skills are not required. Its Premium version offers advanced features, but the standard version already contains all the necessary features that anyone would need to create exceptional web pages.

This application is easy to use and treats web design like a print page layout, which means that users can easily pick a template and customize it before publishing it or start from scratch and add text, images, and graphics however they want. What users will see in the application is exactly what they would get on their website when it’s published.

Xara Web Designer includes webpage, website template, and web graphic designs that are easily customizable. Users can change the text and image size, color, and other attributes according to their preference. It also has tools that let users create their own designs and do basic editing on photos. Users can also make use of the widgets included in the program’s Designs Gallery. Users can add their own graphics to their web pages by dragging and dropping these into the program.