Xara Picture Editor

Xara Group Limited (Shareware)

Xara Picture Editor is an image-viewing application that enhances the usual photo viewer that comes with current Windows operating systems. This application is available on Xara Xtreme products.

Xara Picture Editor includes a photo editor that offers features for managing several high-resolution images without unnecessarily consuming computer resources. What this means is that resource-intensive tasks will be optimized so resource drain will be minimized, thus reducing negative effects on system performance. The editor is also capable of manually and automatically enhancing images in real-time. Enhancements done by this application include adjustments of the brightness, contrast, saturation or temperature, and sharpening or blurring of images. It also performs scaling and rotating of images, cropping, and red eye removal. This photo editor maintains the quality of the photos. Image quality will not be reduced even if edited user edits the photo several times.

Xara Picture Editor has a Magic Undo feature for reverting to previous versions or undoing changes made on an image. It also has a single-click auto-enhance mode that automatically edits and corrects an image. It also has third-party plug-ins and a photo compression tool. This application supports anti-aliasing towards maximum visual quality. Anti-aliasing flattens the edges of objects and blends it with the background of said objects, which then results in improved onscreen image quality.