Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7

Xara Group Ltd (Shareware)

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7 is a multimedia application developed for creating visuals and websites. It serves as a drawing tool for creating visuals such as logos and illustrations, and as a photo editor for enhancing the composition of images. It can also serve as a Web graphics tool for producing graphics such as buttons and Flash animation for a website, and it can even create an entire website’s design as well.

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7 has a photo editor that will not reduce the quality of the photo even if it is edited several times. It can manage numerous high-resolution images without consuming substantial computer resources. It is also capable of manually and automatically enhancing images in real-time. Enhancements done by this application include adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation or temperature, sharpening or blurring, scaling and rotating of images, cropping, red eye removal, and many more.

Other features of Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 7 include the following:

• Quickshape Tool – This tool easily draws and creates preset shapes using vector lines and other shaping tools.
• Text Tool – This tool allows the users to input unlimited lines of texts in any document, and provides a screen rendering tool for viewing text on the screen.
• Magic Photo Erase Tool – This tool deletes unnecessary objects from any photo.
• Color Select and Erase Tool – This tool deletes or reduces the transparency of some parts of the photo according to color.