Xara 3D Maker 7

Xara Group Ltd (Shareware)

Xara 3D Maker 7 is a 3D graphics application developed by Xara Group Ltd. It is used for creating both animated or still 3D texts and graphics. The program offers several features/tools for creating and importing 3D graphics. It can use TrueType font for text headings, offers automatic design-making tool for converting text headings and creates non-text headings. Aside from this, the application also offers full text control, full character access and full-anti-aliasing.

Xara 3D Maker can also edit and apply special effects on 3D graphics. It offers interactive control on 3D extrude depth and color/texture, real-time 3D positioning, lighting controls and real-time solid shading. A total of 27 types of bevels and 37 textures are available in the program as well. Aside from this, scaling, rotating and coloring textures is also possible. There’s also the Style Picker used for grabbing the settings of an image then applying those settings to another image. The application has several animation features/tools used for animating images such as rotating lights/text, multi-page animations, animation timeline and more. There’s even the Animation Picker used for copying animation settings to another image.

The program can export outputs of different formats such as PNG, JPEG, CUR, ICO and others. 3D animation can be exported as well. The application also offers optional background transparency, palette-optimization and color reduction when exporting outputs. Users also have control over the size of the images when exporting.