XAMPP for Windows 7.0.8

Apache Friends (Open Source)

XAMPP for Windows is a cross-platform web server suite developed by Apache Friends. It is composed of eight components including PHP, Apache, FileZilla FTP Server, MySQL, Strawberry Perl, Tomcat, phpMyAdmin, and XAMPP Control Panel. It is also bundled with several modules such as OpenSSL. The program is available in two main versions – Standard and Full. A smaller version is also available.

Originally, Apache Friends designed this program as a developmental tool, particularly to provide website programmers, designers, and developers an environment to test their work using their own computers and without the need to be online. Because of this, Apache Friends have disabled most of the security features by default. However, the program is also used to serve websites online. Because of this, a unique tool used to encrypt some of the suite’s components is available. XAMPP for Windows also offers support for manipulating and creating databases in SQLite and MySQL.

After installing the program, users can use an FTP client to treat the localhost and make it work like a remote host. The FileZilla component included in this suite makes this task possible. This component is also particularly used when installing CMS. Connected to the localhost using an FTP with a build-in HTML editor is also possible. The program’s default FTP user is “newuser” and the default password is “wampp”. For the MySQL, the default username is “root”. The default password for MySQL is not available.