XACARS (Freeware)

XACARS  is an ACARS system developed by Bernhard Harb and released on June 2011. The program functions as the ACARS system of most virtual airlines. ACARS stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. ACARS enables aircrafts to communicate with ground stations through short messages. However, regular aircrafts ACARS is what XACARS is to virtual aircrafts. The program enables users in flight simulators to publish their flight data to the virtual airline administrator.

XACARS provides support for a variety of the most popular virtual airlines including the following: American Virtual Airlines, German Air Express, California Airlines, Leipzigair Virtual Airlines, Austrian Virtual Airlines Group, and Freeworld Airways among others. Virtual airline administrators utilize the program to communicate with their flight simulation client programs. XACARS is mainly just a flight tracking program. It does not keep a logbook or provide other functions that an ACARS may do for a real aircraft. However, this program enables users to practice and analyze their flight paths.

XACARS  was first created in freepascal for X-Planes. However, the developers realized that creating it in C++ will enhance the program further. Thus, in April 2006, the Beta version of the program created in C++ was sent to Leipzigair X-Plane users, and there were favorable feedback. The current version of the program supports both the X-Plane and the Microsoft Flightsimulator.