X3 Terran Conflict

EGOSOFT (Shareware)

EGOSOFT X3 Terran Conflict, or simply X3TC, is part of the X game series. It is a single-player space trading and combat simulator developed by Egosoft and published by Deep Silver. It is a standalone expansion for the X3: Reunion game and was initially released on October 16, 2008. The game’s story follows the events that occurred in the other X game series. After the last stand battle in the Earth’s orbit, the story is now back to the Earth’s Solar System and everything seems to be settled. However, a new group of cultures has started to disregard the decree and the robots once again started to terrorize the galaxy. This storyline is just the foundation of the game. How the game will turn out depends on the player’s choices.

Players can choose to take the role of different characters in the game. The game will start in the spaceship, which is directly controlled by the player. The primary goal of the game depends on the player since the game is mostly a sandbox. The game features several races (i.e. Boron, Argon, Teladi, Split, Xenon, Yaki, Kha’ak, Pirate, Paranid and Terran). The player can navigate the ship across various sectors owned by the races. X3TC is open-ended, wherein players can explore and do different tasks anytime. It is also possible to obtain different types of properties including stations, factories and ships. There are different types of ships available in the game. Each ship has different capabilities such as factory constructions. There are also different space installations available such as stationary weapon, trading stations and factories.