X2GoTeam (Open Source)

X2Go is an open-source remote desktop solution for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The developers of X2Go have made it possible to create a high quality remote desktop connection even with a low bandwidth internet connection. What this essentially means is that users can view, remotely, a graphical representation of a computer desktop through either a low or high bandwidth internet connection. There are two elements of this application, the client and the server side. With the program, users can connect, view, and control computers running different operating systems. The application uses No Machine NX3 technology to provide users with graphical representations of the respective desktops that they wish to view.

Apart from the main feature of the graphical remote desktop access, under the hood, the program also offers other features. The program allows users to connect and disconnect from sessions between different computers, giving the users the freedom to switch between computers with X2GoClient installed. Support for sound coming from the remote desktop is also featured in the program. Remote mass storage mounting from the client side is also supported. Direct file sharing between client and server is supported. All traffic between client and server computers are done over secure SSH.