X Plugin Manager

Cycrow (Freeware)

X Plugin Manager is an add-on developed by independent developer Cycrow. It integrates with various X-Universe games although it is designed specifically for X3: Reunion. It installs plugins compatible with the aforementioned games. It ensures plugins that come with other add-on packages like SPK files, XSP, and script pages will be installed accordingly.

The add-on is considered an intelligent installer as its features go beyond the usual installation method. Scripts, mods and latest ships can be integrated flawlessly into the games. Aside from installing, it also tracks installed files for future removal when a plugin is unnecessary. The plugin manager also backs up existing files or plugins. This ensures that new plugins installed can be removed without affecting the whole game. Adding a new plugin and removing it in the future can affect the process of running the game, as deletion breaks the operation.

In addition to installation, the add-on also lets players create custom wares that enhance gaming experience. Custom wares designed using this program is fully customizable, letting users enjoy the game at its potential. Wares to configure include volume, price, cargo price, and others.

X Plugin Manager also offers a simple user interface that presents all the installed plugins. Users can check the platform as it generates the entire plugin set. Gamers can also uninstall and remove scripts and plugins without accessing other programs. All the necessary buttons are found on the home interface including Enable/Disable features, ReadMe files, and email button for the author.