X-NetStat Professional 5.59

Fresh Software (Shareware)

X-NetStat Professional is an application used in network monitoring. Comprehensive information regarding network and Web connections are provided. Running processes can also be controlled using the program.

The program’s interface contains a lot of information. UDP and TCP connections are closely checked and guarded. Information displayed includes protocol, remote host, bandwidth, IP, port, and hostname. Users are made aware of current processes which are in use such as WHOIS, ports, established connections, network adapters, local IPs, and outgoing and incoming transfers,  to name a few. Utilities that are provided include lookup utilities and network statistics. The Web can also be perused for valid information on specific hostnames or processes. Hosts files can be modified, DNS caches can be cleared, computers and files can be located, port information can be obtained, and addresses can be resolved. Connection and process parameters, as well as actions can be set by users such as starting the tracing process, cutting a connection, playing of WAV files, and opening of URLS. The advanced Sniffer feature enables network data to be analyzed. Other program features include search and filter connections, update checking, lookup tools, customization of toolbar and column buttons, status bar appearance and font, external programs, system tray and view bar access, DNS cache, and system information display, among others.