X Graphics 1.0

HiFi Flightware (Shareware)

X Graphics is a simulation add-on. This utility is specifically meant for users of Flight Simulator X by Microsoft. This program offers users realistic and scenic aerial views for virtual flights. X Graphics is developed by HiFi Flightware.

X Graphics is characterized by environmental enhancements that are presented in varied perspectives. The sky color, clouds, effects that mimic night and day conditions are all presented using advanced tools. Sound and visual effects are used to provide views for simulated flights. To make the simulation as realistic as can be frequency events and wave turbulence effects are also presented to the user. The cloud effects are created with the help of SkyScape technology. There is a 3D cloud custom feature wherein users can create by combining existing cloud template to come up with their own cloud types.

X Graphics is a program that also features ground level scenes that are realistic in texture and rendering. Photo-real asphalt, railroads, taxiways with markings, and concrete runway textures are all available. In using X Graphics there is also a smooth transition of sky features as textures change from day to dusk and from night to dawn. X Graphics also has sun, lighting and lens flare variation to further mimic real-life flying conditions. The pilot can experience variations in shade and reflections depending on the time, location, and the situation.