X-CTU 5.2.86

Digi International Inc. (Freeware)

X-CTU is a standalone application designed for MaxStream radio modem configuring and testing. It can also function as an integrated program for Windows-based Digi products and programs by providing them with an easy-to-navigate user interface. It comes with an integrated terminal window, a loopback range tester, and a number of default and customizable parameters. As a standalone software, X-CTU aids users in testing different MaxStream radio modems by creating realistic testing environments through a built-in graphic designing tool with a virtual audio equalizer.

Upon launching the application, a program window divided into four tabs appears. The tabs stand for PC Settings, Range Test, Terminal, and Modem Configuration, respectively. The first tab is where users can select their desired COM port for their modem. The Range Test tab enables users to perform side-by-side testing with two different radio modems. The third tab acts as an emulator where users can access several radio firmware via preinstalled AT commands. On the other hand, the Modem Configuration tab is responsible for picking up or creating a graphical user interface for the chosen radio firmware. X-CTU is also capable of integrating the modem with Labview and other production testing software using its command line interface.