Gaijin Entertainment (Shareware)

X-Blades is a fantasy action role-playing game done in Anime-style. Players assume the role of the heroine named Ayumi, who is tasked to fight at least 30 different kinds of monsters and powerful Boss opponents such as a Giant Spider and a Wolf. As she progresses through the game, Ayumi earns experience points that can be used to activate and increase combat skills and abilities in casting spells. Among the power-ups that can be obtained include weapon enhancement, new combat techniques, teleportation, and use of magic.

The key features of X-Blades include the following:
• Easy-to-learn gameplay with role-playing elements – this lets players develop their character by improving Ayumi’s skills and enhancing the weapons that she uses
• Impressive use of graphics – the locations and settings of the game are vividly done, adding to the game’s fantasy-world appeal
• User of stylistic devices – players can see combats play out in bullet-time or slow motion
• Various levels of difficulty – players can choose to play in the mode that best suits their skills
• Power-ups – players can also find power-ups and coins when exploring the game’s many levels. There are around 40 levels to explore, each with enemy monsters to fight with.

Players can make use of combos to perform daring leaps to reach other locations. There are two possible endings to this story, depending on the decisions the player makes for the character.