Wyzo 3.6.4

Radical Software Ltd. (Proprietary)

Wyzo is a web browser created for managing downloads. It can act as a torrent client and users can download BitTorrent files without using any additional applications. All regular downloads and torrent downloads can be managed on the Downloads window. The web browser’s start page allows the user to browse through videos on different hosting sites, such as YouTube, Joost, and Hulu. The program features multi-sourced downloading that makes downloading files up to 10 times faster than regular speeds.

The web browser also ensures the user’s security while surfing the Internet. It makes use of the latest security technology that warns users when an attempt to visit a malicious site is made. Additionally, Wyzo offers private browsing. This feature keeps the Internet activities of the user private. The history of websites visited by the user, and other web information cannot be seen by other users. The program features a tabbed interface that allows users to open multiple web pages in just one web browser window. This also makes it easier for users to switch between tabs.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Compatible with add-ons for Mozilla-based web browsers
• Fast Internet surfing speed
• No need to configure web browser settings