WYSIWYG Web Builder

Pablo Software Solutions (Shareware)

WYSIWYG Web Builder is a program used for creating web pages. The application is designed for beginners who want to create their own web pages. Users do not need to have knowledge in HTML in order to use the application. It comes with a built-in Form Wizard that will help users throughout the entire process of creating web pages.

The program’s main screen contains all the tools that users need for creating a web page. The main window consists of formatting tools, standard tools, a toolbox, ruler, properties inspector, site manager, and the main workspace. Here are the different functions of the tools:

• Standard Tools – These tools are used for doing basic commands, such as cut, copy, paste, save, undo, redo.
• Toolbox – The toolbox allows users to add objects to the web page. The objects can be dragged from the toolbox to the workspace.
• Formatting Tools – The formatting tools are used for changing the text (font, font size, text color, etc).
• Site Manager – This is the tool for managing the overall structure of the website. This is where users can see the number of pages on the website.
• Properties Inspector – This window shows the properties of an object selected on the workspace.

WYSIWYG Web Builder also comes with eCommerce, login, and password protection tools.