Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion 2.5.13

Wyse Technology Inc. (Shareware)

Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion is a cloud sharing application developed by Wyse Technology and released in November 2012. This program enables users to connect to their Windows desktop remotely using their mobile devices. Compatible mobile devices include phones like iPhones and Android-powered phones, and tablets like iPad, Samsung Tab, and other Android-powered tablets. Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion enables users to access their documents and files saved on their Windows desktop from anywhere, as long as there is an Internet connection. Not only files, this program also allows users to access programs installed on their Windows system like Powerpoint and Excel.

Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion features three connection options—Auto Discovery, VNC, and RDP. It features multitasking and keyboard auto-activation. This program also offers multiple computer connections that can be accessed simultaneously. Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion offers a File Viewer that enables the users not only to access the file, but also to copy and save the files to another location. This program also allows users to print any accessed file. Wyse PocketCloud Windows Companion also features a Video Streaming functionality, which allows its users to access their video library over a 4G or 3G connection. This program also features a Desktop Search functionality that enables seamless file searching and access. This program also comes with PocketCloud Web and PocketCloud Explore functionality, which enables users to create a personal cloud in the Cloudbin that will serve as online backup storage.