wxDownload Fast

Max Velasques (Freeware)

wxDownload Fast, also known as wxDFast, is an open source download manager that was created using the C++ programming language. The application is capable of splitting downloads in several pieces so that they can be downloaded simultaneously. This is also known as multi-threaded downloading. Splitting the files into several pieces can speed up the download process.

The wxDownload Fast application has several features including download scheduling and download resuming. The interface shows integral buttons, such as New, Remove, Schedule, Start, Stop, Start All, and Stop All. Users can also keep track of all the downloads by checking the ‘Downloads in Progress’ tab. This tab shows the percentage of the download done, the total size of the file, the file name, and how much of the download has been completed. Once the download is finished, the file will be transferred to the ‘Finished Downloads’ tab. Other information can also be viewed, such as the download speed, time, destination folder, start and finish time, and many more.

Other features of the wxDownload Fast application are the following:
viewing of server messages on HTTP, FTP, file://
metalink support
Mozilla Firefox integration with FlashGot
support for proxy servers (HTTP proxy)
calculates checksum of downloaded files