wxAstroCapture 1.8.1

Burri, Carsten Arnholm (Freeware)

wxAstroCapture, developed by Martin Burri of Switzerland and Carsten Arnholm of Norway, is an application that enables users to capture astronomical images. It supports Philips webcams that are particularly used for deep sky, lunar, solar, and planetary imaging. This application also supports long exposures for webcams with SC modification; it makes use of long exposure control for serial and parallel ports. In addition, this astro-imaging application supports Artemis/ATK cameras for deep sky imaging in 16 bit, as well as webcam autoguiding in both long and normal exposures. This feature enables users to run two instances of the application at the same time so they can autoguide and capture images using one camera.

Users with two or more cameras attached to their computers will be given the option to choose which one to use for the program. Users can adjust the property settings of the camera, such as the brightness and gamma levels. These settings can be accessed from the properties button on the interface. Those who are using Artemis cameras may also adjust the live preview settings. Images that are captured with wxAstroCapture are saved in a designated folder, which users can modify from the settings menu. The status bar at the bottom left portion of the interface shows the current active folder where the captured images are saved.