ChessBase GmbH (Freeware) is an online chess game. Participated in by about 20,000 players daily, it is one of the biggest chess servers where players can quickly find an opponent with the same skill level. Players who prefer to watch can enter the kibitz grandmaster tournament or follow world-class games. Players can also attend training lessons or join an exhibition game against grandmasters. has plenty of room for hobby players and novices, where one can play with no chess clock. uses a low-ping, high-performance server so each move is sent in minimal time. It has a free Windows access program with quality chessboard graphics that is compatible with the Fritz chess program. In an online chess game, there are sysops (system operators) and tournament arbiters watching the play 24/7, prepared to give players a helping hand should there be any problems. also has a computer chess room that features two game modes: Centaur and Computer. Players have a chance to play against’s big names, along with a line of other strong players. The website offers its members ‘multiboard’ experience as they watch tournaments in real-time. This online game can filter a player’s challengers depending on the skill or strength, the game time, or if a player prefers a rated or a friendly match.