WWT ¦ Mars

Microsoft Research (Freeware)

WWT|Mars is a component of the WorldWide Telescope application. The WorldWide Telescope application allows users to view the universe in 3D. WWT|Mars allows users to view images of the surface of Mars. There are over 13,000 high quality images of the planet available. This allows users to see the planet in high detail. The images were taken by NASA’s spacecrafts and Mars orbiters. The high quality images are stitched together to come up with a 3D view of the planet.

To access WWT|Mars, the WorldWide Telescope must be installed in the computer. Users can click on the WWT|Mars icon located on the desktop. The images that can be viewed with the program are color-corrected. This is to replicate the actual color and appearance of Mars. Additionally, the program provides exclusive interactive tours to users. The exclusive tours allow users to see the planets and its moons in detail.

Other features of the WWT|Mars program are:

• Introduction to Mars –  introduction to the planet Mars
• Life on Mars? – discusses the possibility of finding microbial life on Mars
• Mars images – allows users to access thousands of detailed images of Mars
• 3D rendering of the surface of Mars
• Interactive tours by NASA scientists