WWII Combat - Road to Berlin

Direct Action Games (Proprietary)

WWII Combat - Road to Berlin is a first-person shooter game and is the prequel to the game World War II Combat: Iwo Jima. This game takes place during the last days of the second World War, and is set at a time when the German forces are developing long-range rockets they are planning to use against the opposition. The leader of the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, wants to have control over the rockets but for his own gains, and players must stop him from doing so.

In this game, players control a young officer named Stephen Moore, who belongs to the covert intelligence agency Office of Strategic Services. As the events unfold, the player learns that the Soviet army is now on their final push toward taking the German city of Berlin, heralding the Allied forces’ imminent victory. However, the real reason behind this is that Stalin wants to obtain the nuclear research currently being kept in the city’s Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, where the aforementioned rockets are being manufactured.

Players are then tasked to go to Berlin while avoiding the German troops in order to prevent Stalin’s army from getting the weapons and nuclear research. There are ten missions in the campaign; in each mission, players are given a primary weapon (pistol, sniper rifle, or submachine gun) and an explosive (grenade).