Acclaim Entertainment (Proprietary)

WWF stands for the World Wrestling Federation which is one of the primary commercial wrestling circuits in the world today. Developed by Sculptured Software and Realtime Associates and released under Acclaim Entertainment was the WWF RAW 32X game program. It was created from different consoles including Sega 32X, Genesis, Game Gear, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy back in 1994.

The proprietary cartridge allowed for single and multi-player games where players can engage in different styles of matches, as shows in actual WWF television screenings, and utilize different star characters. The different match types include singles and tag team competition, Bedlam, Survivor Series, and the Royal Rumble. Each of the characters that are a part of the game have also been programmed to do their signature moves like the Tombstone Pile Driver for the Undertaker and Bret “The Hitman” Hart’s Sharpshooter. The intensity of the moves and the ability to perform the signature finishes depends on the energy level of players which increase and decrease depending on their performance during gameplay.

There is a standard line-up of characters available for play but depending on the console, additional players may be included. There are special characters that can also be unlocked either by using a cheat code or by reaching a particular level in the game. One of the special characters that can be expected from the WWF RAW 32X program is Kwang.