WWE RAW- Ultimate Impact

THQ,Inc. (Proprietary)

THQ’s WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact is one of the most popular wrestling titles for personal computing gamers today. This is a fully converted version that has been worth the worth. This is perhaps the most comprehensive and exciting wresting PC game for players who demand the real deal.

WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact is essentially a simulation game. The player gets all the tools necessary to experience a real-life wrestling match with the same rules as the professional wrestling league. WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact runs on Windows systems (Windows XP OS and above). This game provides the player with various options and a wide array of parameters. Every match tests the players' feats of strength, agility, and resolve.

There are many games available out there but when it comes to wrestling, WWE RAW: Ultimate Impact is one of the most commercially successful titles. Players get the chance to assume the identities of their favorite professional wresting athletes and engage the toughest opponents in a virtual ring. This game provides the player with intense and realistic action. Aspiring wrestlers can also learn a few tactics and strategies when they play the game that would help them triumph over their competitors in life.